Mission Statement

Naked Native is a lifestyle brand that stems from Nordic roots with an ingrained impulse for adventure and surf exploration.

Our products embody our mission for sustainability, creativity and conservation. Inspired by our native heritage, NN brings you quality goods sewn from an ethical thread. We are committed to transparent supply chains and grass root social development for a new way of doing business.

Brought to you by a couple of Scandinavian frothers

The Sami Poncho

Inspired by the native Sami culture and infused with Nordic design, the Sami Poncho comes in 3 styles.


Sami Poncho Green

Sami Poncho Grey

As Naked Natives first line of clothing to be released, the Sami Poncho stands the test of time & will keep you a happy chappy even in the gustiest of weather. Created with quick & easy post surf slip-on in mind.

One hundred percent cotton with a combination of reverse knit on the hoodie and the sides, a native Sami emblem covering the front and a genuine leather NN patch to show where you belong.


Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. From the materials we use, to the manufacturers and to always strive for sustainability and conservation to our planet and the life on it. Whilst keeping our imagination and creativity flowing.

Jute Bags

Each poncho comes in one of our jute bags, neatly tied together with a coconut button. In purchasing your very own Sami Poncho you have just helped a survivor of the Bangladeshi Rana Plaza factory collapse to reclaim their livelihood.

Naked Native source the production of jute bags through Oporajeo. An NGO dedicated to providing rehabilitation, safe working environments, ensuring rights and sustainable living standards for over 40 victims of Rana Plaza factory collapse.

Projects include the construction of a new school for the employee’s families and pushing for fair wages in the Bangladeshi garment industry.

Check them out at www.oporajeo.com

Jute Fins

NN’s Jute Fin Project is a research and development initiative in collaboration with the French NGO GOB, currently operating in Bangladesh and with Western Australian shaper Ben Hayes.

The aim is to replace glass fiber with a new eco-friendly biocomposite which will have far reaching ecological, economic and social impacts.

On top of producing surfboard fins made from the jute composite material, NN is committed to integrating social development in the Bangladeshi jute agricultural industry as well as engaging with social business through producing through a local surf club on the Coast of Bangladesh.

FPP Project

NN is excited to announce the collaboration and support for our new friends and suppliers at FPP (Friends for the Poor People). The organization will work with us to bring you our new and exciting upcoming products. Amongst which are the Naked Kimonos, crochet bikinis and a selection of T’s made from Bamboo, Pineapple & 100% up-cycled cotton.

The NN/FPP came about as a result of our commitment to sustainable, ethical & transparent supply chains through working with social businesses.

FPP was founded in order to bring about change to the lives of the extreme poor and disadvantaged people in Bangladesh. Their tailoring business helps fund and support a slum school of 200 children with 5 teachers, an orphanage of 24 and facilitate vocational training to ensure future job security. Founder, Dino Prabhudan’s primary aim, is to feed the children and empower them with a sense of hope for the future.


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Felix Rohlin

Born in Sweden into an active life of sports and carnage. Felix decided to leave Stockholm and his life there at the age of 20. He’s since lived in Norway, Australia and Indonesia and most recently in Sri Lanka, focusing most of his energy towards surfing.

Meeting Marty quickly evolved into a relationship of equal hobbys, dreams and passions, and so emerged the brand. As Co-founder of Naked Native he is currently working to widen the company in Europe and exploring further productions.

Martin Kenny

With a Scandinavian and Australian background, Martin grew up embracing a gypsy lifestyle traveling from Africa, Asia and Europe from a young age. The dominant influence in his life being surf exploration, It was only natural he should cross paths with Felix. In doing, they co-founded Naked Native together.

After an internship with UNHCR working with refugees and later working with the garment giant H&M, conditions were right to fuse social development and fashion into a surf brand called Naked Native. Martin now deals with production and head of the Australasian section for NN

Anisah Nasir

Anisah Nasir is a young vibrant Perth artist and fashion creative. Her illustration and abstract paintings are experimental, innovative and stimulating. This passionate vision grew when beginning adult contemporary art classes at age 13 where, thriving on the nourishment of emotive freedom, Anisah began to portray an array of beautiful pieces.

Including successes in her 2011 solo exhibition, donated artworks for fundraises such as Art for Spine and Hands on India aswell as commercial projects with Baltinas Architecture. For Naked Native, Anisah Is looking to envision rustic and surf inspired images embodying wildlife that transcends individual cultures and encompasses an international vibe of nature and styl

Arlo Walker

After being born into water at home in Fremantle before living in Cottesloe, Broome and Margaret River, his future was destined to incorporate the surfing lifestyle in one way or another.

Arlo is the youngest member of the team, soon to turn 21. He currently studies Public Relations and Economics at the University of Notre Dame whilst managing sales and marketing at Naked Native and overlooking the Australian sector of our label.